About Leon Aldridge

Leon2editForty-plus years in media related endeavors seems in some respects like a long time, but in others feels more like just getting started. In that time, I’ve been involved in media efforts including, but not necessarily limited to, editing, publishing, photography, teaching, marketing, newspaper ownership and management. Over the years, I’ve met many interesting people, traveled to both coasts and many places in between, even made a living now and then. However, the best part is communicating with people, making friends and collecting fascinating stories.

My hands-down favorite thing is column writing and feature stories, both just different forms of story telling, which brings me to this blog. Over the years, I’ve typically written columns while gainfully employed by a newspaper, but not so much during spells while engaged in other activities without publishing deadlines.

With the blog, my plan is to continue writing a weekly column for as long as I still have two functioning brain cells with which to work. We’ll see how well that goes.

I arrived here after gathering knowledge about the media business from East Texas State University (these days it’s Texas A&M at Commerce), from Stephen F. Austin State University where I picked up an M.A. in communication and taught communication courses, and from the University of North Texas where I logged post-graduate work in journalism. I learned how to apply the knowledge from a handful of excellent mentors and many years of experience in Texas and Louisiana newspaper markets.

During that time, I’ve garnered professional awards for my work, seen freedom of the press upheld firsthand while being successfully defended against libel as a “defendant,” and covered journalism history from the press gallery of the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington D.C. watching attorneys argue applicable points of law surrounding a case I had covered from its very beginning as editor and publisher of the hometown newspaper.

When not sticking words together hoping to create something informative, entertaining or educational, I’ve spent much of my life sticking old car parts together in hopes of saving another example of the finest years of American automobiles. If it rolled off an American assembly line prior to the early 1970s, chances are I’ll like it, know about it, owned one of two of them, or can tell you about one.

My wife, Terry, and I share our home with three dogs and three cats (or is it four—I lose count). My hobby is rescuing and loving old cars deserving a second chance. Hers is doing the same for animals.

My goal in writing or telling a good story is to share something that was memorable to me and why, and hopefully in a manner with which the greatest number of readers can relate and smile.

Let me know how I’m doing, OK?.

2 thoughts on “About Leon Aldridge

  1. This is awesome dad! It’ll be fun to continue reading your columns. I have always loved your writing and this site is a good way to continue it!


  2. Obviously your dad is much younger than me, but if your grandfather was Leon Aldridge that had a store in downtown Mt. Pleasant, ……. I DO know him from my experience working for your grandfather. (If that’s the case) Regardless, I really, REALLY enjoy these blogs!!


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